Published on 2024-02-02

Only January and we have Game of the Year.


ok so first things first:

(honestly this would be 5/5 if I believed in 5/5s)

New favourite gaming dude. Yeah.

literally just buy this game. I mean buy the 8 (or 10 (or 11 (or like 14 if you want to be really comprehensive but really 0-7 is fine)))

I don’t actually have much to say, they did such a good job on their first attempt at a turn-based RPG only to come back and fix nearly every problem. Maybe a few things that could’ve been handled slightly better but you could say the same about any game. I’m fully anticipating the next Judgment game to feature Yagami going to Hawaii for no reason.



New favourite gaming dude. Yeah.New favourite gaming dude. Yeah.